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Talks and Interviews

Listed below are just a few of the talks/interviews that I have given, you can find many more on YouTube or elsewhere on the web.

If you have something you think I would be interested in speaking at, please email me at, copying in Nichola Need at

Two Dames talk tech: 8 key takeaways


Exploring Legal Mechanisms for Data Stewardship (2021)

 AI Through the Looking Glass (2021)

People of Science with Brian Cox (2020)

The Future of AI (2020)

In Conversation with Deborah Estrin at CogX (2020)

Engagement with policymakers (2020)

The Portal: Building the Web we want in the new 'normal' (2020)

Why data trusts could help us better respond and rebuild from COVID-19 globally (2020)

How to Use AI to Shape the Future (2019)

POLITICO Europe Interview (2019)

Preparing for an AI Revolution (2019)


In Conversation with Professor Una Frith (2019)


Is social media changing democracy? (2017)

ABC Lateline with Jeremy Fernandez (2017)

A Decade in Internet Time (2015)

Inaugural Lecture 'Making Links' (1997)